Lead your organization to emerge stronger in the middle of the Crisis.




Meet well-known international speakers and innovation experts, in a limited group of participants, to address actual issues and get actionable insights.

As a corporate leader, you have to respond to the Covid19-crisis, and prepare for bounce back and growth at the same time. Easy? Probably not! Let’s discuss some alternatives and the best mindset to face it.



Get actionable answers to your difficult questions. Have focused conversations to tackle shared challenges. Gain clarity about what to do and how to succeed.



  • We compress 12 years into 12 weeks of disruption. So we have to create a definition of innovation for ourselves - to have practices and develop clear competencies. Innovation needs a practical model, because Innovation is a verb that requires action.
  • Have an agenda to do innovation: re-imagine (ask questions and open your mind), re-design (have empathy as how design thinking teaches us), and in the end reorganize.
  • Leadership must be reevaluated. More technology literacy is required and not getting caught up in the fear and anxiety that lead to conservatism.
  • Improvisation lacks purpose, discipline and inspiration. It all starts with a good foundation, just like a jazz band starts with a good song that you know well, but in the face of a new sound it does not exclude improvisation.
  • Do we fly or fight? In the pandemic there is fear and anxiety. It is important to take advantage of those to move forward instead of paralyzing or taking steps backwards.
  • Creating value today is not only for shareholders, it is for society in general. Here collaboration is essential.
  • There is a danger when we think about having the answers, because we stop looking for the answer. We must continue to look for new answers.
  • Isolation is different from Hibernate. Because when we hibernate something grows and prepares for the future. We cannot isolate ourselves, at most we can hibernate.
  • We are in a time where we leave the experts and do things ourselves. We make bread at home, or cut our own hair. We will do many more things for ourselves.
  • What can be done online? Almost everything. We will find that many times what is done will be even better. Many will prefer it that way. Where even in customer service it is possible to personalize and customize, more than in person.
  • The war will not be so much for talent, but more for value at this stage.
  • Some self-care strategies, such as meditation, help us to remove anxiety. They are in themselves individual protection equipments that we need for ourselves.
  • This is a time for collaboration, where we can connect different things, see other possibilities and virtually collaborate with people from around the world who challenge our thinking. Innovation is born from the crossing of different ideas. It is born of ‘sex’ among ideas.

Guest speakers

John Kao

Chairman | Institute for Large Scale Innovation


John is author of the best-selling Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity, which describes what leaders of all kinds can learn from jazz musicians, as well as Innovation Nation, which documents America’s growing innovation challenge. He was a producer on sex, lies and videotape (Palme d'Or, Cannes) and Mr. Baseball (Universal Studios), and was nominated for a Tony Award for producing the play Golden Child on Broadway. His knowledge is eclectic and blends the perspectives of former Harvard Business School professor.

The Economist tagged John with the nicknames “Mr. Creativity” and “A Serial Innovator.”

John has been working on a new framework in times of disruption. The World Economic Forum published a piece on this recently. And he also had been working on a new set of innovation fundamentals that I call the "3 R's".


Nigel Barlow

Innovation Speaker/ Business Rocker/Trustee of David Lynch Foundation


Nigel Barlow is an internationally renowned inspirational business speaker, facilitator, coach and consultant. The core of his work is Innovative Thinking applied to the biggest challenges facing you, your team and your company. Nigel is the author of several books on creativity and the originator of Garage Thinking.

He has been described by clients as an agent provocateur and business rocker; he’s skilled at shaking up fixed mindsets to open new possibilities for his clients around the globe.

Nigel is an Agent Provocateur and Keynote Speaker on Innovative Change to many of the world’s leading organizations. He was a founding director of the Tom Peters company in Europe, and currently runs his own company. Until recently he was an Associate Fellow at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.

Nigel's latest article, is named 5 ways to reframe the crisis.



Mário Henriques

Managing Partner | High Play Institute
Executives/Teams coach


Vítor Briga

Partner/Trainer | High Play Institute
Facilitator in the fields of creativity, communication and positive teams.